Facebook is sponsoring one of our prizes this year, Facebook Portals for one of the winning teams! They wish you well at the hackathon and say "Make sure you take your projects into the future!" Make sure to check out their careers page for more information about job openings and internship opportunities.

DevRev is one of our startup sponsors this year! DevRev is a platform for managing developer-customer relationships that allow developers to build, support, and grow their businesses. They wish you the best at this hackathon and to check out their career page for opportunities.

Google Cloud will be sponsoring a Cloud Hero workshop at HackTX this year, in association with MongoDB. Make sure to check out this workshop and visit their careers page for job openings and more information!

Linode is one of our Kilo sponsors! Linode accelerates innovation with simple, affordable, and accessible Linux cloud solutions and service. Easily launch and enrich applications, hosted services, websites, AI & machine learning workloads, gaming services, and more!

ECB is one of our University sponsors! Thanks to their partnership, HackTX 2021 was able to acquire a multitude of stickers and resource cards. Be sure to check these merch out at the event, and they wish all the hackers the absolute best and hope that you have a great time at the event! If you are a UT student, feel free to check out their recruiting and organization.

HackTX is not possible without our parent organization MLH, who is the governing hackathon organization body for all major hackathons in the United States. If you loved hacking this weekend or would like a taste at organizing, be sure to visit their website for more opportunities in hackathons and possibly joining their leadership team! Be sure to be on the lookout for them this weekend!

GitHub proudly sponsors MLH and is a great resource for version control. They are excited for you to be able to use their product as you collaborate with your teams to make some next generation projects!

Likewize is our year long sponsors, and are proud to gift fit bits to the winning team who best meats their sponsored challenge. Likewize is looking for engineers for its R&D team in Dallas, TX. This team will move at a fast pace and push the bounds of technology and processes by innovating on existing products and taking ideation projects from business stakeholders and seeing them through to implementation. They look forward to connecting with you this weekend, and providing more resources to their upcoming opportunities!

Matrix is one of our Kilo sponsors, and are sponsoring ETH credits to the top 3 winning teams for their sponsored challenge this year! Matrix is a gamified platform for content creators, esport teams, and other digital brands. Brands are able to create quests, which fans complete to earn NFT prizes. They are hiring for a myriad of roles, including frontend developers, backend developers, and designers!

Noticed the various stickers at this event, with their cute adventure time designs? Thanks to our design team and Sticker Mule we were able to print these stickers in bulk and give you a small memento from our memorable weekend!